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Sharpies 9

How to Revive Dried Up Sharpie Markers

How many Sharpies do you think you have in your house?  And how many of those Sharpies are dried out?...


Upcycled Pop Tab Bracelets

You guys, I drink pop.  A lot of pop.  Probably too much pop.  (And I staunchly maintain that it’s pop,...


4th of July Star Garland

Given that I have a brother that served in the Army National Guard, patriotic holidays hold a special place in...

How to Heat Emboss: Tips and Tricks for Embossing

How to Heat Emboss: Tips and Tricks for Embossing

After seeing a few embossing videos on Instagram, I decided I just had to try embossing.  There’s something magical about...


The Beginner’s Guide to DLSR Photography: Photography Tips

If you’re just joining us for the three-part DSLR photography series, make sure to check out: Part I: Choosing and...

Manual Mode

The Beginner’s Guide to DSLR Photography: Shooting in Manual Mode

Now that you’ve chosen your camera and learned a little bit about it, it’s time to amp up your photography...

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