How to Make Christmas Bow Bobby Pins Using Dollar Store Materials

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Who likes crafts that are easy, cute, and inexpensive?  Me too!  These Christmas bow bobby pins are all of the above.


Recently I signed up for my first craft fair.  I needed some items that would be appealing and eye-catching, but fairly inexpensive so I could make them in bulk.  I found a great tutorial on Pinterest and figured these little accessories might just be cute enough to sell.  Plus, they’re easy.  I made 24 pins in less than half an hour.


  • Bobby pins
  • Mini Christmas bows (I got mine at the Dollar Tree)
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors

Bows and Bobby Pins

How to Make Christmas Bow Bobby Pins

Trim the back tag so that you have a small amount of tag surrounding the staple.

Christmas Bows with Backing

Cutting the Backing off Christmas Bow

How to Make Christmas Bow Bobby Pins-Cutting the Tag Off the Bow

Put a thin line of hot glue onto the tag.

Putting Glue on Christmas Bow for Christmas Bobby Pins

Gluing the Bows to the Bobby Pins-Make Your Own Bow Bobby Pins

Press the non-bumpy end (the closed end) of the bobby pin into the glue.  Don’t worry if it flows over onto the inside of the bobby pin…you can fix it later.

Bobby Pin Glued to Bow to Make Christmas Bow Bobby Pins

Let the hot glue dry.  I let mine dry for about 5 minutes just to make sure the glue was completely dry.  Open your bobby pin to separate the top part from the bottom.  If there’s glue stuck between the two parts, use your fingernail or a knife to scrape it off.

I was worried that the hot glue wouldn’t be enough to hold the bobby pin on the bow.  After finishing, I was surprised with how sturdy they were.

Christmas Bow Ornaments Using Bobby Pins and Bows

These bows are great because you can use them as a kitschy, silly hair decoration (a la an ugly Christmas sweater party), but you can also just wear them as a festive hair decoration.

How to Make Christmas Bow Bobby Pins-Easy, Inexpensive, and Cute

Looking for more ways to spread some Christmas cheer?  Make your own Dollar Tree Ornament Wreath.

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