How to Make a Clothespin Necklace

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I’ve always been a big fan of using supplies for unconventional purposes.  Hole reinforcers for a French Manicure, spoons for a Chrysanthemum Spoon Mirror, a book to make a decorative Book Pumpkin.  This post is along those same lines.  I was inspired by this tutorial for clothespin jewelry.  Luckily I had all I needed to make this cute clothespin necklace, so this project was FREE!  Score!

DIY Clothespin Necklace Using Clothespin Springs, Beads, and Necklace Chains -- Destination Decoration


  • Clothespins
  • Beads (ones with large holes)
  • Necklace chain or ribbon

DIY Necklace with Clothespins, Beads, and a Necklace Chain


How to Make a Clothespin Necklace

First, take apart your clothespins.  I found that twisting them was easier than trying to pry them apart  (your fingers will thank you).  You want to separate the spring part of the clothespin from the wood part of the clothespin.

How to Make DIY Clothespin Necklaces Using Clothespins, Beads, and a Necklace Chain - Destination Decoration

Before you start, your bead should be the same size or smaller than the spring and should have a large hole.  (There is a work-around for larger beads, but it’s easier if the bead is smaller)

DIY Clothespin Necklace via Destination Decoration

Make Your Own Necklace with Clothespins, Beads, and a Necklace Chain - Destination Decoration

Next, use pliers or your fingers to pry apart the non-coiled end of the clothespin spring.  If your bead is longer than the spring, use a pliers to separate the tines so they are “pointing at” each other.  Insert one side of the spring into one of the holes of the bead.

How to Use Clothespin Springs to Make a DIY Necklace from Destination Decoration

Bend the other side to fit into the corresponding bead hole.

Use Clothespin Springs and Beads to Make a Unique and Easy Necklace -- Destination Decoration

Wiggle the bead and the spring a little to get the ends of the spring to align.  If they don’t fit perfectly, that’s okay!  I found both types look great.

DIY Accessories -- Make Your Own Clothespin Necklace -- Destination Decoration

String the necklace chain or the ribbon through the spring end and voila!

DIY Necklace -- Upcycled Clothespin Necklace -- Destination Decoration

Change your bead, change the chain, the possibilities are endless!

DIY Accessories -- Clothespin Necklace Made Using Clothespins, Beads, and a Necklace Chain -- Destination Decoration

How to Make a DIY Clothespin Necklace by Destination Decoration

2 Responses to “How to Make a Clothespin Necklace

  • The first appearance of this necklace looks complex to make, I would say that was straight out of Etsy, but further down the procedure is simplified. Great craft work. I also enjoyed your |Fall book pumpkin DIY, you really are a talented crafter. Thanks a lot for the share and keep crafting.


    • Don’t you just love projects that look a lot more complicated than they actually are? Thank you for your kind words.