Fabric Flower Bouquet

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These flowers are beautiful, aren’t they?  I have to admit that this fabric flower bouquet was nowhere near my idea, but I did help with making and assembling them.  One of my best friends got married and being the creative woman that she is, she came up with these beauties.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the process, but I do have some video and picture tutorials to help you recreate one of your own.



  • Styrofoam ball
  • Wooden dowel cut to about 1′ long
  • Burlap
  • Lace
  • Decorative pins like these

The Framework

To make the holder and base for the flower bouquet, cut a hole in your Styrofoam ball slightly smaller than the diameter of the dowel.  Hot glue around the top of the dowel and about 3” down the dowel.  Push the dowel with the hot glue into the hole and hold it there.  Let it dry for at least a half hour.  After it dries, you can wrap your dowel in fabric or burlap, using hot glue to seal the seams.

The Flowers

Burlap Flowers

Here’s a great tutorial for burlap flowers that we followed almost exactly:


Satin Flowers

This tutorial shows how to easily make the satin flowers.  Though it doesn’t use satin, the procedure is nearly identical.  The one thing that the bride did that made the flowers look that much more finished is she took the fabric circles and burnt the edges.  She took the circles used to make the flowers and ran the edges through the flame of a candle (you could also use a lighter like in the video below).

Vary your amount of burlap and satin flowers.  You can use different colors of satin and even different colors of burlap like we did in the bouquets.

Assembling the Bouquet

At this point, you should have a Styrofoam ball with a stick in it and a bunch of fabric flowers.

Start by using hot glue to glue your fabric flowers to the bouquet.  Try to space them evenly and don’t leave too much space in between the flowers.  If there are small gaps, don’t worry….you’ll fill them in soon.

Next, cut your lace into 3 inch by 3 inch squares.  Fold your lace in half and pinch the bottom “point”.  Use your decorative pins to pin the lace to the Styrofoam ball to fill in the gaps.  Fill in the bottom of the bouquet with these as well to fill any gaps near the dowel.  You can also add some pins to the flowers to make it look more decorative.

Fabric Flower Bouquet 5

And if you’re really thinking ahead like my friend was, you can glue buttons to the bottom of the bouquets to distinguish which bouquet belongs to which bridesmaid.


Pretty snazzy, huh?

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