6 Ways To Give Your Home A More Modern Look

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Today we live in a world where trends are changing rapidly. However, keeping up with all of these trends can be very expensive, especially when it comes to home decor. Luckily, there are tons of ways to make your home look more modern so that perpetual change can be avoided. In order to keep your home looking new and modern consider these options.

6 Ways To Give Your Home A More Modern Look | Destination Decoration

Add Color

Modern homes now focus on neutral tones with vibrant complementary colors. Without changing the overall color theme to your home, either introduce a new complementary color or swap out one color for another. This is something that can be done by changing the color of just one wall in a room or even just by swapping out pillows and throws. Adding just a splash of color to a neutral-colored home can really help give it a classy and modern look.



Changing the amount of light in your home can really give your home a completely different look without really changing anything too much. A lot of modern buildings today have tons of windows and are filled with natural light. It really can add a unique look to any home. New windows such as efficient and elegant windows in NJ can really create a more comfortable atmosphere and add a fresh new look to your home.



Changing the flooring in a home can really help modernize the look. Today more and more people are moving away from carpet, not only to make their homes more modern, but also to improve air quality. While tile and hardwood floors were extensively done in the past two decades, some homeowners are opting for alternative forms of flooring. For instance, epoxy coating is normally reserved for the garage, but now-a-days many people are using it indoors. It is easily applied, is virtually indestructible, does not create dust, is waterproof, and it’s easy to clean. Another popular option for many homeowners is polished concrete. Since many homes have concrete under their existing flooring, it’s an easy change.



Changing out the front door and the garage door really helps update the look of the home, and it can also provide many different green solutions. Some garage doors have efficient windows that preserve indoor heating and cooling and allow for natural light to enter the garage to avoid additional electricity costs for lighting. A new front door and garage door can also improve insulation helping to lower your heating and air conditioning bills.



It’s not necessary to buy a whole new set of cabinets to update your kitchen. By removing the cabinets, sanding and re-staining or painting cabinets you can give them a whole new look without breaking the bank. If you really want to mix things up you can change out the handles as well. Updating the kitchen in this way can really help save you a lot of money. Also, updating existing cabinets helps to avoid moving other items in the kitchen, as new cabinets are often dimensionally different.



Another great way to modernize your home is to update the artwork in your home by removing every single item that is on the walls so that they are bare, giving your home a neat and clean look or you can replace as you see fit. You can also choose one large focal piece to be the main focus of art in your home. Having only a few large pieces of art in your home is a quick way to give your home a new look.


Overall, updating your home doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult, just be sure to pay attention to the main differences in new trends, and change your home accordingly. Updating the home in this manner can help avoid a lot of unnecessary change.


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  • I totally agree with you! Getting rid of an older, dingy floor and replacing it with a nice carpet or finished hardwood floors can make a world of difference in the overall look of your home. Thanks so much for your pointers and input!