Photo Booth Photo Guest Book for Weddings

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Everyone has that favorite gift that they’ve ever gotten.  In my experience, it holds true for wedding gifts, too.  Our favorite wedding gift was more of an experience than a gift.  A friend of ours built her own functioning photo booth and volunteered to set up, man, and tear down the booth for our wedding.  I was elated when she told us about it, but didn’t realize how much of a hit it would be until our wedding day came.  People loved taking pictures in the photo booth and said it was one of the best parts of the wedding.  And best of all, our friend printed off two copies: one for the people in the booth and one to add to a guest book.  We came away from the wedding with great memories and a photo and written record of each of our guests.  (Plus, some of the pictures were pretty darn funny.)  Read on to find out how to make your own photo guest book filled with silly pictures of all of your guests.

DIY Photo Booth Photo Guest Book | Use Photo Booth Pictures to Create a Fun and Sentimental Guest Book for Your Wedding | Destination Decoration

Materials for a Photo Guest Book

  • Photo book with page protectors and removable pages
  • Double-stick tape
  • Pens
  • Photobooth (rented or DIY)
  • Photo strips or other photobooth photos


First, The Photo Booth

First, you’ll need some kind of photo booth.  We were lucky enough that out friend had made her own photo booth and had given us the gift of using the photo booth fun for our wedding.  (Seriously, so lucky.  It was our favorite wedding gift and our guests raved about it.)  If you don’t have someone you know that has a photo booth (because, really, what are the odds?), you have some options.  If you’d like to invest the money, look for a photo booth service in your area.  If you’d like to go the DIY way, there are a lot of options from simple to elaborate.  If you want to build your own booth, here is a detailed tutorial.  You can also make festive backdrops.  Here are some creative (and generally inexpensive) backdrop ideas: streamers, sequins, balloons, and fake Polaroid frames.  Add some props and you’re ready to go!

You can let guests take pictures with their smartphones, but for the photo guestbook to work, you’ll need a camera that can connect to a printer (via computer or a use a smartphone to connect via Wi-Fi with a printer like this one) or an instant camera.  You could also have guests sign the guest book and add the photo booth pictures after the wedding.

DIY Photo Booth Guest Book | Use Photo Booth Pictures to Create a Fun and Sentimental Guest Book for Your Wedding | Destination Decoration

How to Create the Photo Guest Book

To create the guestbook, have guests take their photos in the photo booth.  Once their pictures are printed, they sign the guest book and tape their photos next to their message. (If you’d like to wait to have the photos printed, make sure to have guests leave a space for the photo in the guest book.)  I would recommend using a photo book with removable pages and page protectors.  Guests (or your photo booth monitor) can slide the page out, write their message and put their photo in, and then slip the page back into the page protector.

Seem a little bit complicated?  Well, it is.  But I can assure you that it’s worth it.  I was looking back at our book today and I smiled and giggled at the photos, even after three years has passed.

Whatever method you decide to use, a photo guest book is a great way to look back at your wedding and capture some fantastic memories.

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