Crafting Resource Library

Do you love crafts?  Are you excited by the prospect of making a trip to the craft store to get some new supplies?  Do you love learning new ways to DIY?  Then the crafting resource library is the right place for you.

Destination Decoration Resource Library | Free Crafting Resources | Brush Lettering, Calligraphy, Craft Supplies, and More | Printables, Resource Lists, and How-Tos

Destination Decoration’s craft resource library includes:

  • Christine style calligraphy worksheet
  • How to blend with brush pens video
  • Brush lettering practice word page
  • 17 Tips and Tricks for Perfect Sharpie Mugs
  • Craft ideas for my 10 favorite craft supplies
  • The Blogger’s Starter Kit: Resources to Create a Thriving Blog
  • Editable blog sharing spreadsheet
  • How I Went from 10 to 1,500 Daily Views in Just 2 Months (Bonus Content)

The resource library is constantly being updated and subscribing grants you full access forever.

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