Rustic Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

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‘Tis the season to be crafty!  In honor of that mantra, these wood slice Christmas ornaments are a perfect blend of rustic, festive, and easy to make.  My inspiration for this craft came from Mountain Modern Life.

DIY Wood Slice Ornaments



  • Wood slices (mine were 3-4″ in diameter)
  • Printable designs (Mountain Modern Life has some great ones and I provided the ones I made for you to download below)
  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • Small eye hooks
  • Ribbon or twine

Materials Needed to Create DIY Wood Slice Ornaments


How to Make Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

If you’re planning on using wood that you have cut, bake your wood slices at a low heat (approximately 200 degrees F) for 45 minutes on each side to dry out the wood and kill any critters that may be hiding in the wood.  If needed, sand the surface and the edges of the wood.  Wipe the surface of the wood with a damp cloth to remove the residual sawdust.  If you have slices that you’ve purchased from a store, you can skip this step.

Sanding Wood Slices for Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

Using Sandpaper Block to Sand Christmas Ornaments

How to Make Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

Print and cut out your pattern so it is a little smaller than the diameter of the wood circles.  If you are designing your own pattern, make sure to make your words a mirror image.

Christmas Phrases for Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

For my purposes, inserting the eye hooks worked best before transferring the design.  To make it easier, pre-poke a hole with a push pin.

Pre-Poking a Hole for Eye Hooks (Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments)

Screw in the eye hooks using your fingers or a pair of pliers.

Place your design on top of your wood slice, words facing down.

Transferring a Printed Design to Wood Ornaments

Dip a paintbrush into water and brush the water on top of your words.  You want the paper wet so the words appear darker, but don’t make the paper soggy.  I found that wetting and transferring one row of text at a time worked best.

Using Water to Transfer Printed Image to Wood

Use the back of your paintbrush and rub the damp paper with medium pressure.  Rub the back of the paintbrush and vary your direction.  You water will dry as you go, so if it gets too dry, just add more water.  It’s okay if the paper begins to pill up a little bit (in fact, I would often keep going until the paper began to pill).

Transfer Technique-Transferring a Pattern to a Wood Slice Ornament

Paper Transfer Technique for Wood

Transferring a Design Onto Wood Ornaments

Repeat the same process with the other lines of your design.

Transferring Words Onto Christmas Ornament

You can lift up the corner to peek at your design.  If there’s any spot that is lighter, add more water and continue the transfer process.

Tranferred Words Using Printed Letters and Water

If you’d like, you can trace over the design with a fine-point Sharpie.  My designs were too small for this to work and I kind of liked the faded, almost-stamped look, so I stuck with what I had.  Add a coat of sealer if you wish.  I did a few test pieces and didn’t like how they looked, so I skipped that step as well.

Add ribbon through the eye hooks and tie for easy hanging.

Use Wood Slices, Printables, Eye Hooks, and Ribbon to Create a Festive Ornament

Easy, cute, and perfectly rustic.

New Ornaments Photo

Use Wood Slices to Create Festive Ornaments

Go ahead and grab the patterns I used for my ornaments!

Wood Slice Ornaments-All Designs

(Mine are sized to fit on 2-3″ wood slices.)


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