Toilet Paper Roll Art

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So many of you have probably seen the many variations of toilet paper roll art on Pinterest.  At first I was a little bit skeptical how toilet paper rolls could be turned into wall art, but I figured I’d give it a shot.  If it didn’t turn out well, the only loss would be a loss of time, right?  (I already had all of the materials.)  I used several tutorials (the most prominent one is this one), but for the most part I created the design on my own.  Again, I wish I had more pictures, but this was before the idea of having a blog.

To start, I cut the rolls into 1” pieces with scissors.  The process of cutting them created a natural fold and the flower petal shape.  I then laid them out on a piece of cardboard and traced the inside to remember where I had placed my pieces.

Most of the tutorials I had seen featured painting the pieces black, but that didn’t match with what I had envisioned, so I decided on gray with yellow, green, and navy accents.  I usually use either Apple Barrel, Folk Art, or Craft Smart Acrylic paint.  This time I used Apple Barrel paint. I mixed my own gray paint with black and white, but the other colors were straight from the bottle.  Also, most of the tutorials suggested spray painting the rolls.  Again, I went against the suggestion and opted for acrylic paint because I already had the supplies.

I then used a sponge brush and the acrylic paint to paint the sections.  This part was the most tedious because I had to get into all the nooks and crannies of the rolls (that’s probably the advantage of using spray paint….).  Then, using the pattern on the cardboard I hot glued the pieces together.

And that’s it!  Who woulda thought?  A great addition of wall art made out of toilet paper rolls!  The piece was super simple to hang because it was so light.Two pushpins and ta-da!  Here’s the finished product:

Toilet Paper Tube Art-Pinterest
If you’ve tried any other toilet paper roll art or have any comments for me, feel free to post them below.

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