Paradise at Home: 5 Ways to Make Your Yard Into an Oasis

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Paradise at Home: 5 Ways to Make Your Yard into an Oasis

Your backyard is your personal retreat, but it may not be a true oasis. If you want to have a welcoming place to sit down and relax, then consider making a few changes to this space. Here are five ideas to help you get started and transform any bland area into an amazing outdoor living space that you can be proud of.

Paradise at Home - 5 Ways to Make Your Yard Into an Oasis | Destination Decoration

Remember the Textiles

Bring the indoors to the exterior of your home with colorful textiles. Adding throw pillows to your patio furniture will instantly make it more luxurious. If you need additional shade, then consider hanging sheer curtains over a trellis or arbor. Shade sails are also a great option for blocking out the sun while letting plenty of light in.


Take the Heat out of the Kitchen

With an outdoor kitchen, you won’t have to heat up the house when you cook dinner. You can go upscale with a full pizza oven, counter, and sink, or you can keep it simple with a gas grill and functional work surface. You can set the kitchen off to the side or make it the true focal piece of your new patio.


Make it Private with a Structure

There are several ways to add privacy to your garden. Fences and lattice walls are a fast solution. If you want a more natural look, then plant ivy along your chain link fence and let it climb through the structure. You can even buy faux ivy screens at EZ-Ivy if you don’t want to wait for it to grow. As you block out the prying eyes, you’ll start enjoying your private oasis more.


Build a Structure

Nothing makes your patio an impressive space quite like an outdoor structure. An arbor or gazebo gives the area definition while providing you with a spot for shade and privacy. Pergolas, trellises and even benches can be used to create definition and make the space more enjoyable. Include a firepit or fireplace to warm up the patio after dark.


Perfect Lighting

You’re going to use your patio at different times, so you need to have the right lighting. Remember to illuminate for both safety and ambiance by placing lights along stairs and railings. You can also add overhead lighting that will allow your guests to stay later in the evening.


You can create a functional and enjoyable outdoor space that will be an asset to your home. Use these clever ideas to take your patio to a higher level and ensure that your family and guests will enjoy it throughout the year.

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