My Top 10 Favorite Craft Supplies

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While I wouldn’t tout that a crafter is only as good as her tools, I do think the supplies that crafters use can contribute to the quality of the final product.  With that being said, I don’t normally buy the top-of-the-line craft supplies, but I do have some great products that are tried-and-true favorites of mine.  The supplies below are craft supplies that are versatile and can be used for multiple projects.  They’re the kind of products that I get excited about after a trip to Michael’s or a purchase on Amazon.  Without further ado, here’s my 10 favorite craft supplies:

My Top 10 Favorite Craft Supplies - Versatile Supplies for Multiple Projects - Destination Decoration

1.  Tombow Dual Brush Pens

These have been my latest obsession.  Tombow Dual Brush Pens have a flexible tip on one side and a fine-tip marker on the other.  The work great for hand-lettering, adding color to artwork, journaling, and more.  I have the set of primary colors and the set of bright colors. I’ve used them to address envelopes and create brush lettering artwork.

7 Ways to Address an Envelope -- Use Brush Lettering or Contrasting Fonts

Plus, you can do some awesome blending effects like this one:

P.S. To learn how to make this effect (and MORE), check out The Beginner’s Guide to Brush Lettering.


2.  Mod Podge

Again, Mod Podge is another product that can be used for a wide array of craft projects.  I use Mod Podge to seal some of my projects like the holiday blocks below:

Christmas and Thanksgiving Blocks

Mod Podge Rocks has some fabulous crafts that use Mod Podge.  Check it out for some inspiration!


3.  Sharpie Fine Tip Markers

Sharpies are perfect for when you need colors to be permanent.  They in a variety of thicknesses, but my favorite is the classic fine tip markers. I’ve used these from everything to canvases to fake calligraphy.

2015-10-27 11.36.34

2015-10-27 11.40.10 (1)


4.  Washi Tape

I say “Washi Tape” loosely because there are a lot of patterned Washi Tapes out there, there are also a lot of “off-brand” tapes that serve the same purpose and work just as well.  My first experience with Washi Tape was making coasters for our wedding.

Washi Tape Coasters

If you’re wondering what kind to get, here are a few options:
Gold Washi Tape Pack
Colorful Washi Tape Pack

I realized how versatile Washi Tape is and I’ve been using it in projects ever since.  It’s easy to add some decoration to projects and my favorite part is that it’s repositionable.

7 Methods of Addressing an Envelope -- Add Some Sparkle with Gold or Silver -- Destination Decoration

If you need some ideas for how to use Washi Tape, check out this pin.


5.  Dollar Tree Mugs

The Dollar Tree is a gold mine for inexpensive craft supplies.  You might have to use discernment for what products you buy, but for the most part I’ve found that their crafting items are worth your while.  One of my favorite Dollar Tree finds is their mugs.  I’ve used them for dotted mugs, Mr. and Mrs. mugs, and nail polish mugs.  The great thing about these mugs is that they only have a thin layer of glaze.  Yes, I did say “the great thing”.  The thin glaze is nice because whatever you are putting on the mugs will adhere better to the mug itself than the glaze.  The less glaze, the more your design will stick, especially after it’s been baked.

How to Use Oil-Based Sharpies on Dollar Tree Mugs


2015-10-28 11.14.18

6.  Cardstock and Scrapbook Paper

Really, just paper in general is a great craft supply, but I use heavier paper like cardstock and scrapbook paper more often.  I use scrapbook paper for everything from making envelopes to using it for a blog photo background.

Scrapbook Paper Envelopes with Circles

Completed Homemade Envelopes

How to Make Inexpensive Rustic Ornaments

Yep, that’s wood-textured scrapbook paper in the background!


7.  Paper Cutter

Whether you use a rotary cutter or a slide paper cutter, some kind of cutting device other than scissors is a must-have for crafters.  I got one for Christmas and I’ve used it more since then than any other craft supply.  Mine is half paper-cutter, half die-cutter.  By the way, if you know where you can get this, please let me know.  I love mine, but I’m sure the blades will dull eventually and I want to be able to get another one.

10 Favorite Versatile Craft Supplies


8.  Sharpie Oil-Based Markers

I know, I know, Sharpies have already been mentioned.  I mention oil-based Sharpies, too, possibly because I love them so much and definitely because they serve a different purpose than regular Sharpies.  If Sharpies are permanent, oil-based Sharpies are super permanent.  Oil-based Sharpies work on metal, pottery, wood, rubber, glass, plastic, and stone, to name a few.  I have mostly used them for mugs, but I’m excited to try these out some different surfaces.

The Ultimate Guide to Sharpie Mugs

(If you’d like to know the best way to make and bake your Sharpie mugs, check out The Ultimate Guide to Sharpie Mugs.)

9.  Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue

Another staple similar to Mod Podge, I find myself using a hot glue gun in a lot of my projects.  It’s perfect for things that need a little more staying power than regular glue.  I probably use it for more than I should and often I use it as a substitute for specialty glues.  I’ve used hot glue for paper, Christmas ornaments, and wood projects.

Ornament Materials


10.  Painter’s Tape

While masking tape, packing tape, and Scotch tape are all useful, for crafting my choice is painter’s tape.  It’s strong enough to hold, but repositionable.  I use it for clean lines when painting a project or to tape a piece of paper down that I don’t want to fray when I take the tape off.

Mrs Mug Pattern


(Paper Marbling Using Shaving Cream)

So what do you think?  What craft supplies are on your must-have list?  Did I miss any?

Now that you’re aware of some great craft supplies, put them to good use!

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